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We do NOT have transaction fees, so slippage can be set very low

TikToken is fully-decentralized token built on BSC which connects different communities together and rewards them for their creativity. TikToken is first ever token to be based around TikTok

Contract Address
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Q3 2021

•Token deployment



•Website launch


Q3/Q4 2021

•Automatic locked liquidity to token after pre-sale on PancakeSwap

•Listing on Coingecko&CoinMarketCap

•Weekly competitions for best Tik Tok's advertising TikToken

•Marketing campaigns Token audit More echanges listings

Q4 2021

•Listing on CEX


•Daily competitions for best Tik Tok's with different categories

More to be added...

Tik Tok Competitions

TikToken is first ever community to reward community for their amazing creativity on TikTok

How this work?

Step 1

Create a Tik Tok promoting TikToken (how you do it it's up to you. Show us your creativity), make sure you put #TikTokenNetwork as one of your hashtags, this way we will be able to find your TikTok's. If you do not put this hashtag in then we won't be able to find it!

Step 2

After you have uploaded and are happy with your video then you are required to send email to info@tiktoken.network with title TikTokenCompetition and link to your video on TikTok.

Step 3

Every Sunday we will review each TikTok and choose community's favourite one. So the one with most response and likes. REMEMBER: ALL WINNERS WILL BE REVIEWED. ANY FAKE LIKES, FOLLOWERS OR COMMENTS WILL NOT WIN!

Step 4

Winner of each week will be contacted back on email and their TikTok will be annouced on our social media accounts.

Step 5

Be creative and show us why you should win!


The winners will receive $100 in TikTokens. These will be send directly from Development & Marketing wallet. 

First week of competition will start with launch of the pre-sale. Annoucements will be made!


Key points about TikToken

50% Initial Burn

To become fully-decentralized we have decided to burn 50% of the total supply! This way no one have power of the token and this way the value of the token will have sustainable growth.


This shows how tokens are distributed in the system

Total supply
Inital Burn
Developement & Marketing

Create a Wallet

TikToken is based on the Binance Smart Chain. MetaMask & Trust wallet are the market leader in Bep-20 (BSC) wallets. Visit metamask.io or TrustWallet.com to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask's or TrustWallets app for iPhone or Android.

If you would like to donate and support the project feel free to use the details below
BEP-20 address: 0xe86077aA03F8D1617943F871B1fBa1F275E838B0
Feel free to send any BEP-20 tokens to this address :)